Unsurprisingly, as seed purveyors since 1806 we have all the gardener's favourite seeds. What you may not be aware of is that we also supply an innovative and quality range of plants and garden equipment

Why choose Suttons...

We look to satisfy the demands of all gardeners, from the more experienced to the novice, and those with larger gardens to those with limited space. All Suttons products should reach our customers in perfect condition, just as they left us.

Grow a profit with Suttons

Growing Profit

Grow your business with Suttons. Committed to providing you with maximum profitability for every square metre.

Have been a customer favourite over the last 210 years

Customer's Favourite

With over 210 years of experience and continuous campaigns to build and support the Suttons brand for the future.

Complete support from our field reps and our office call centre

Service and Support

Experienced, knowledge and helpful field and office-based teams devoted to meeting your needs.

Dedicated to getting deliveries on time

Availability and Delivery

We know how important it is to deliver on time and to ensure that stock is always available.

Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant

Our Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition of supplying Flower and Vegetable seeds to the Household of HM The Queen. The Royal Warrant is the actual document that appoints Suttons in it's trading capacity as 'Seedsmen' and gives permission and responsibility to us to display the Royal Arms in connection with our business. The honour of the Royal Warrant has been bestowed on us ever since 1958. We are delighted and proud to have held the Royal Warrant for the last 159 years.

New look for 2020

Our A-Z format is designed with garden centres and customers at the heart of their concept. 2020 sees a new Merchandising solution that has been designed with both the customer and garden centres in mind. The simple A-Z format and clear informative POS allows the customer to find what they need fast!

Suttons A-Z Flower Stands

NEW A-Z Flowers

New ranges for 2020

It takes time for us to pick the ranges within our Flower collection. We look at so many different varieties before we settle on the ones that will bring a story, colour and fragrance to your customers homes. This year we have added a range of Popular Houseplants from seed, Prairie plants that add a dramatic presence to your garden and additions to all the customers favourites.

Suttons A-Z Veg Stands

NEW A-Z Vegetables


We've taken our new look A-Z merchandising into our Vegetable seeds range too with collections sizes to suit every space!


Within each category, we have chosen the very best performers, familiar favourites, new varieties and a range of price points. This gives your customers the best selection of seeds available. 50 categories to choose from including bestsellers such as Carrots, Beetroots, Herbs and Tomatoes to move the more unusual varieties such as Liquorice and Cucamelons.

Suttons A-Z Pea and Bean Stand
New products on the Pea and Bean Stand

NEW A-Z Pea and Beans


Suttons A-Z Pea and Bean collection boasts its own dedicated stand with header and navigation cards so your customers can easily find their favourites. 40 varieties to choose from, your customers will be spoilt for choice!


Within each category, we have chosen the very best performers, familiar favourites, new varieties and a range of price points. This gives your customers the best selection of seeds available. Make the most of these best-selling products and maximise sales with a choice of a 1.2 stand and a 680 stand.

New products on the Pea and Bean Stand
Suttons A-Z Pea and Bean Stand

NEW Grow Salad this Summer


Created with the starter gardener in mind, this one stand option uses eye catching POS in drastic contrast to our other collections and explains why growing salad can be easy, fun… and quick!


It doesn’t matter if you are a starter gardener or someone who has been growing for years- time is always of the essence. And with such fast results coming from the highly nutritious salad family, we have tied these together to create a stand that is a perfect addition to your normal A-Z collection, peppered with a wide variety of best sellers and specifically picked varieties that are not only fast, but also very easy to grow.

Pollinators & Predators Stand for 2020
Suttons Seeds Logo

seeds to grow to attract

Pollinators & Predators!

Look after your pollinators & predators, let nature do the pollination and pest control for you!

Did you know? Companion planting can transform your garden. By encouraging in pollinators & predators with key plants, you can gain a tiny gardening team to do your pest control & pollination, all with the added benefit of supporting British native wildlife by providing habitats and food sources. In return their natural behaviours will increase your crop productivity and reduce insect pest numbers. Companion planting was widely used centuries go in cottage gardens in Britain, but has since declined, as have the numbers of pollinators & predators. Encourage biodiversity in your little patch of this green and pleasant land.

James Wong range - try something different...

James Wong intro
James Wong Stand for 2020
New James Wong variety for 2020 New James Wong variety for 2020

These plants and remedies are just a small selection of the full range of practical and easy to follow natural remedies found in James Wong’s influential first book and TV series ‘Grow your Own Drugs

A selection of our partners

Our continued aim is to offer a comprehensive range of vegetables and flower seeds as well as complementary gardening products to boost your sales throughout the year. This year you will see a focus on our new look merchandising to guide customers through our extensive variety of best sellers, familiar favourites, and new products.

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What our customers say

Sutton’s layout is fantastic for customers. They have gone the extra mile to add A-Z colour cards which stand out to the customer which makes their search a lot quicker and easier.

-- Jade, Longacres Bagshot --

We consistently have great service from Sutton’s, availability and delivery is exceptional with very agreeable reps!

-- Steve, Wentworth Garden centre --

The predator and pollinator collection is the way forward for planting out your garden. I totally love the idea!

-- Julie, The Eden Project --

California gardens has been trading for 140 years and Sutton’s is its longest serving seed supplier for a reason - Fantastic product, service and delivery turn around.

-- Chris- California Gardens --

The A-Z range is Brilliant, simple for our customers to use, with great varieties that everyone wants!

-- Matt, Fonthill Nurseries --

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