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Featured Vegetable Seed Ranges

Here’s our featured Vegetable Seeds ranges, including seeds for kids, heritage seeds and speedy veg seeds. We also have ranges ideal for small spaces, windowsills, patios and square metre gardening.

  1. Fun to Grow - Seeds for Kids

    Fun to Grow - Seeds for Kids

    Get your kids growing with this fun range of seeds.

  2. Groweasy Seed Tapes and Mats

    Groweasy Seed Tapes and Mats

    GrowEasy Seed Tapes are ideal for beginner gardeners

  3. Heritage Vegetable Seed Range

    Heritage Vegetable Seed Range

    Classic varieties still popular today

  4. Patio Gardening

    Patio Gardening

    Patio Gardening

  5. Small Spaces

    Small Spaces

    We always have a solution for you!

  6. Speedy Veg Seeds

    Speedy Veg Seeds

    Quick growing seeds, ready to eat in as little as 1 week.

  7. Square Metre Gardening

    Square Metre Gardening

    Get the most from your vegetable plot