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Asparagus Plants

Late April/May is a beautiful time of year made even more so by the arrival of the first asparagus spears. If you’ve never grown your own asparagus then you’ve missed out on a fresher than fresh tasty delight that needs nothing more than a soft boiled egg or a generous dollop of butter. Perhaps now is the time for you to include asparagus plants somewhere on your plot?

There’s no denying that asparagus plants are more expensive than asparagus crowns but there are good reasons. Asparagus plants are significantly more advanced and the spears can be harvested the year after planting. Another definite advantage is that asparagus plants can be planted at any time of year rather than just when dormant.

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  1. Asparagus Crowns - Continuity Collection Quick View

    Asparagus Crowns - Continuity Collection

    Despatch from April 2020 30 Crowns (10 of each variety)
  2. Asparagus Crowns - Twin Pack Quick View

    Asparagus Crowns - Twin Pack

    Despatch from April 2020 20 Crowns (10 of each variety)
  3. Asparagus Crowns - Gijnlim Quick View

    Asparagus Crowns - Gijnlim

    Despatch from April 2020 10 Crowns
  4. Asparagus Crowns - Erasmus Quick View

    Asparagus Crowns - Erasmus

    Despatch from April 2020 10 Crowns
  5. Asparagus Crowns - Mondeo Quick View

    Asparagus Crowns - Mondeo

    Despatch from April 2020 10 Crowns
  6. Asparagus Crowns - Pacific 2000 Quick View

    Asparagus Crowns - Pacific 2000

    Despatch from April 2020 10 Crowns
  7. Asparagus Plant - Darlise Quick View

    Asparagus Plant - Darlise

    Despatch from July 2019 1 Potted Plant
  8. Asparagus Plant - Gijnlim Quick View

    Asparagus Plant - Gijnlim

    Despatch from July 2019 1 Potted Plant
  9. Asparagus Plant - Stewarts Purple Quick View

    Asparagus Plant - Stewarts Purple

    Despatch from July 2019 1 Potted Plant
  10. Asparagus Plants - Collection Quick View

    Asparagus Plants - Collection

    Despatch from July 2019 3 Potted Plants (1 of each variety)


Showing 13 product(s)
asparagus plants

Further information: Asparagus Plants.

Where to grow? - Asparagus plants will crop for about 20 years so it really is worth preparing the ground in advance of delivery. A well-drained and reasonably fertile soil in an open sunny position is required. Dig the patch to a spade’s depth and work in plenty of garden compost or well-rotted manure.

Your asparagus plants have been grown in 3 litre pots and once planted will be quick to establish. Next spring you’ll be picking your first harvest which will be repeated for many years to come.

How to look after? - Aftercare is easy. Keep the beds free by hand weeding so that you don’t disturb or damage the shallow root system of your asparagus plants and in spring apply a top dressing of general fertiliser.

In the autumn simply cut down the yellow ferns to within 3cm of the ground. Then add a mulch of garden compost or well-rotted manure to a depth of 5-8cm.

When to harvest? – The first spears will break the surface at the end of April. Wait until they are about 15cm high and then using a sharp knife or specialist asparagus knife cut the spears a couple of centimetres below the surface. Tradition says that you should stop cutting by the longest day.

How to eat? - Low in calories but high in vitamins and fibre your asparagus plants will provide many healthy meals over the coming years. Try grilling them and then giving a dressing of good quality olive oil and lemon followed by some grated parmesan. Simple yet delightful!

"Playwrights are like men who have been dining for a month in an Indian restaurant. After eating curry night after night, they deny the existence of asparagus." - Peter Ustinov.
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