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Scarifiers & Aerators

A scarifier is a device which is used to cut through your lawn, removing and dead grass or unwanted moss. It aerates and helps to revive a tired lawn.

The best time to use a scarifier is in the autumn or late spring, you should only need to do this once a year.  Make sure your turf is dry and cut it before scarifying, ensure the scarifier is on the highest setting and do lines and then again at a right angle. Scatter lawn seed to fill any gaps and you will rejuvenate your lawn.

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  1. Lawn Spikes Quick View

    Lawn Spikes

    Delivery within 3-5 days Lawn Spikes
  2. Lawn Aerator 300mm Quick View

    Lawn Aerator 300mm

    Delivery within 3-5 days Aerator
  3. Cobra Electric Scarifier & Aerator 2 in 1 Quick View

    Cobra Electric Scarifier & Aerator 2 in 1

    Delivery within 28 days Electric Scarifier & Aerator


Showing 4 product(s)