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Biological Pest Control

Mother Nature has the right idea and often you will find a natural predator will help control problem pests in the garden.  If you need to give nature a helping hand, then make sure to utilise our biological pest control solutions for an organic natural solution.

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  1. Nematode Slug Killer Quick View

    Nematode Slug Killer

    Two Pack Sizes Available - 40m² & 100m²
    From£14.99 RRP £13.99
  2. Ladybirds Quick View


    Pack of 25 Adults or Pack of 100 Larvae
    From£19.99 RRP £16.99
  3. Vine Weevil Killer Quick View

    Vine Weevil Killer

    12m² or 100m².
    From£11.99 RRP £9.99
  4. Biological Control Aphids Quick View

    Biological Control Aphids

    Delivery within 14 days 250 Adults
  5. Chafer Grub Killer Quick View

    Chafer Grub Killer

    100m² or 500m²


Showing 9 product(s)