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Garden Pest Control

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The right product for the right garden pest. Our garden pest control range can be browsed via the below categories.

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    Keep pests out of the garden and attract natural predators in.


Garden Pest Control

Garden Pests

A garden pest is a creature that causes damage to cultivated plants. And sadly there are a great number of these creatures ranging from deer to moles and tiny mites.

To a certain extent we should just learn to live with an element of pest damage however no-one wants to find that a whole row of young plants has disappeared overnight due to a slug binge party.

Pests cause damage in different ways. A deer will simply eat whole plants, squirrels will strip bark, moles will tunnel through roots and aphids and other insects will suck sap, mine leaves and generally destroy garden plants.

It's a good idea to take steps to encourage natural predators such as hedgehogs, frogs and toads but sometimes gardeners need a little extra help. Copper tape around the tops of container works as an effective barrier to slugs and a Micromesh Barrier will fend off carrot fly.

Attractive but destructive pests such as deer and rabbits can be put off by spraying their favourite plants with Grazers. It won't hurt them but the taste will not be to their liking.

In general there are 3 groupings of pest control:

  • Organic Controls - These include companion planting, hand-picking pests from plants, crop rotation and good garden hygiene such as removing debris under which pests will hide and multiply.
  • Chemical Controls - These have been greatly reduced and need to be used with care having first carefully read the instructions.
  • Biological Controls - This popular and effective form of control involves the deliberate introduction of the pest's natural predator. Works best in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse. The Nemasys range of biological products will help guard against chafer grub, vine weevil and other nasties and our Anti-Mole Bulbs and Mole Repellent Balls will keep the furry terrors at bay.

Adverse weather and weeds cause more of a problem to gardens than pests so before getting too stressed about the aphids in your greenhouse perhaps you should reach for your weed wand and enjoy watching the rabbits playing on the lawn. OK, so maybe not.