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Propagators and Propagating Equipment

Jiffy Sow and Grow Range

Growing your plants from seeds and seedlings is a fulfilling activity in the garden and Suttons Seeds have lots of ideas to help you propagate your seedlings into strong and healthy plants.

Our range of garden propagators has been specially selected to ensure your plants get the best start to life.

If you have an indoor garden, our cloches and racks will sit on your window sill and protect you plants from pests. Outdoor, we have self-watering kits for all uses.

We also stock a complete range of propagating equipment including seeders, labellers and mini grow pots

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  1. One Top Electric Propagator Save 4% Quick View

    One Top Electric Propagator

    Delivery within 7 days Electric Propagator with 12 FREE POTS
  2. Propagator Kit Save 45% Quick View

    Propagator Kit

    Delivery within 7 days Propagator Kit
  3. Rootrainers Quick View


    1 or 2 Rootrainers
  4. Peat Pots Quick View

    Peat Pots

    Delivery within 7 days Peat Pots
  5. Geopod Heated Propagators Save 5% Quick View

    Geopod Heated Propagators

    Heated Propagators - 2 sizes available
    From£129.99 RRP £136.99
  6. Super 7 Propagator + 106 Pots Save 21% Quick View

    Super 7 Propagator + 106 Pots

    Delivery within 7 days Propagator & Pots
  7. Aluminium Cold Frames Quick View

    Aluminium Cold Frames

    Available in 2 Sizes
  8. Seed Trays and Lids - Windowsill Size Quick View

    Seed Trays and Lids - Windowsill Size

    Trays & Lids - Windowsill Size
    From£7.99 RRP £5.99
  9. Tidy Tray Quick View

    Tidy Tray

    Choose from 1 or 2 Tidy Trays
    From£19.99 RRP £16.99
  10. Sow & Grow 18 Peat Pellets Quick View

    Sow & Grow 18 Peat Pellets

    Delivery within 7 days 18 Peat Pellets
Showing 47 product(s)
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Propagating Plants


Possibly the most economical and satisfying way of stocking your flower beds and vegetable plot is through propagating your own plants.

Many plants can be propagated fairly easily with the following being the most-used methods:

  • Growing from seed
  • Division of one mature plant's rootstock to create multiple plants
  • Cuttings taken from a mother plant's roots, stem or leaves
  • Layering where part of the stem is pegged into soil to form roots
  • Grafting and budding where one plant is grown on the rootstock of another

During propagation plants are highly vulnerable and their environment needs to be carefully controlled with the right levels of warmth, light, humidity and hygiene being maintained. This is where investing in quality propagators, seed trays, growing-on pots and other related equipment can be a real bonus.

A heated propagator provides constant general warmth that can be easily controlled. An unheated propagator is perfect for use on an indoor windowsill, conservatory or heated greenhouse.

Once the new plants are starting to establish you'll need to transplant them on into growing on pots, those with an integral tray make life easier as they are less likely to be knocked over and can be carried outside en masse when the time for planting out arrives.

If you like the idea of recycling rather than using plastic then you can make your own pots quite easily using an Eco Potmaker and some old newspaper. Propagating your own plants and making your own pots is incredibly satisfying!