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Cherry Trees

Easy to grow in small spaces, our Cherry trees will produce an abundance of cherries for you to enjoy. There are plenty of cherry trees to choose from such as the late season Regina, the bright Crown Morello or even the compact-growing Summer Sun.

Browse our range of cherry trees and try something different today.

You can trust that your cherry tree will be despatched at just the right time for you to successfully plant and grow it in your garden. All our trees are hardy to the weather so you can be rest assured that they will survive in all seasons. Quality guaranteed!

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  1. Cherry Dwarf Fruit Tree - Stella Quick View

    Cherry Dwarf Fruit Tree - Stella

    Despatch from 15/10/2019. 1 x 4 Litre Potted Tree
  2. Cherry Tree - Crown Morello Quick View

    Cherry Tree - Crown Morello

    Despatch from 22/11/2019. 1 Bare Root Tree
  3. Cherry Tree - Regina Quick View

    Cherry Tree - Regina

    Despatch from 22/11/2019. 1 Bare Root Tree
  4. Cherry Tree - Summer Sun Quick View

    Cherry Tree - Summer Sun

    Despatch from 22/11/2019. 1 Bare Root Tree
  5. Gourmet Fruit Tree - Cherry Quick View

    Gourmet Fruit Tree - Cherry

    Despatch from June 2020 1 x 5 Litre Potted Plant


Showing 6 product(s)
Cherry Trees

Growing your own cherries

Another glorious summer fruit that is awaited with real anticipation, cherries are one of the sweetest and juiciest of all summer fruits and a real luxury. The season is short and the fruit is easily bruised in transit which also makes it an expensive pleasure. With modern advances made in rootstocks it is now relatively easy to grow your own cherries, and absolutely nothing beats the taste of a sun ripened cherry picked straight from the cherry tree!

Your own cherry tree was once restricted to only the largest of gardens as they grew to around forty feet high; pruning was impossible and bird protection non-existent. Now, with a suitable rootstock it is possible to grow a cherry tree in a relatively small space. A fan trained cherry tree can be grown against a large fence or wall, and other varieties will even grow in a large container. The modern cultivars are also very high yielding. Fan and dwarf trees are much more convenient for protecting against frost and bird damage.

  • Our Cherry trees are grown on a Colt rootstock, giving you a very productive cherry tree with a good fruit size, its compact growth is ideal fo growing in a small space, either free-standing or trained against a wall or fence.
  • Cherries do best in deep free draining soil that has had extra organic matter dug in.
  • Choose a self-fertile variety if space is limited, but if you can stretch to two trees, another pollinator nearby will enhance the yield. Leave at least 4.5m (15') between trees.
  • Grow on a south facing wall for fan culture. This method of growing is a great space saver along with the added shelter and warmth of the wall, plus protecting the blossoms from frost, and the fruit and buds from birds is much easier.
  • Cherries will not require any thinning of the set fruit.