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Rudbeckia Plants

Rudbeckia plants or Coneflower as they are sometimes called provide long lasting colour in the garden. The shorter varieties look stunning in tubs and patio containers whereas the taller Rudbeckia plants hold their own in any colourful border.

With a strong stem Rudbeckia plants are an excellent cut flower and a popular addition to many indoor arrangements.

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rudbeckia plants

Further information: Rudbeckia Plants.

Where to grow Rudbeckia Plants?

  • Ideally Rudbeckia plants want full sun however they will tolerate some light shade
  • Well-drained soil
  • Dependant on the variety Rudbeckia plants can be grown in borders, pots and patio containers

How to grow Rudbeckia plants?

  • Spacing depends on the variety so check the instructions
  • Rudbeckia plants require little or no extra feeding providing that they are growing in fertile soil
  • Regular deadheading will ensure that the Rudbeckia plants continue to flower up to the first frosts