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Nicotinia Plants

Known by many as Tobacco plants these are not grown for tobacco but instead for their lovely tubular flowers. Some varieties of Nicotiana plants are scented and release a sweet perfume in the evenings. Clearly these verities are best planted near the house or close to outside seating areas where their scent can be enjoyed.

Nicotiana plants come in various verities with dwarf ones growing around 30cm tall and the others reaching as high as 1.5m.

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nicotiana plants

Further information: Nicotiana Plants.

Where to grow Nicotiana Plants?

  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Dwarf varieties of Nicotiana plants do well in bed and borders or patio containers
  • Well-drained, moisture retentive soil

How to grow Rudbeckia plants?

  • Feed weekly
  • Nip off dead flowers
  • Remove Nicotiana plants after first frosts