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Impatiens Plants

Impatiens plants will carpet the ground when used in borders or will provide a colourful display in patio containers and pots. Flowers come in a range of colours and can be single or double in mixed or various colours.

In wet, cool summers Impatiens plants can be affected by Impatiens Downy Mildew. This disease is not present in seed and is spread only by airborne spores. There is currently no cure but good husbandry can help to protect your plants – see growing information below.

New Guinea Impatiens plants are downy mildew resistant.

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impatiens plants

Further information: Impatiens Plants.

Where to grow Impatiens plants?

  • Grow in beds, containers, hanging baskets, windowboxes and flower bags.
  • Do not grow in the same position as last year.
  • Full sun or moderate shade.
  • Well-drained soil.

How to grow Impatiens plants?

  • If growing Impatiens plants in containers then first completely remove any old soil, sterilise the container inside and out and use fresh compost.
  • Deadhead regularly to keep the Impatiens plants flowering.
  • Avoid watering late in the day as it is important that the plants are dry overnight when the temperatures are at their lowest.