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Antirrhinum Plants

Affectionately known by many of us as Snapdragons this plant comes in a range of colours and heights. Antirrhinum plants were famed for their dragon like flower that snapped when squeezed laterally and led to the name Snapdragon however there are now many varieties that no longer "snap". Instead the colours and forms have been developed.

Usually grown as a half hardy annual Antirrhinum plants are really a perennial and will withstand short periods of frost.

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antirrhinum plants

Further information: Antirrhinum Plants.

Where to grow Antirrhinum plants?

  • Plant out once the danger of frost has passed.
  • Antirrhinum plants will grow well in any garden soil as long as it is well-drained and fertile.
  • Full sun is preferred.

How to Grow Antirrhinum plants?

  • Feed once a fortnight and water regularly.
  • Any tall varieties may need some form of support.
  • Deadhead regularly to keep the flowers coming.
  • he taller varieties are very suitable for use as cut flowers.
  • Once flowering has finished remove the Antirrhinum plants to the compost heap.