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Wildflower Bulbs

Wild flower bulbs are right on trend and as beautiful as ever. The nation’s back in love with the idea of colourful wild flowers alive with bees and butterflies. Perfect for naturalising, our selection of wild flower bulbs includes some familiar faces that’ll make you feel all nostalgic.

Our Naturalising Collection makes it easy to fill your garden with some of our favourite wild flowers, and it includes bluebells, daffodils, snowdrops, woodland tulips, winter aconites, crocuses and anemone nemorosa.

There’s something about English bluebells that makes us think of woodland walks and days gone by, and now you can create your very own carpet of blue in your own outside space. A real ‘throw and grow’ favourite, our English bluebell bulbs fill those empty spaces with bell-shaped flowers and a honey scent.

What’s a range of wild flower bulbs without some happy yellows? You’ll find the native British daffodil, woodland tulips and winter aconites waiting to show their brightly coloured faces and add a dash of colour to your naturalised garden. Snowdrops are one of our favourite things about winter walks, and we’re thrilled to include these delicate beauties in the range too.

Naturalised spaces are more popular than ever, and we’re thrilled to see gardeners embracing the British wild flowers that have graced our countryside for centuries. So, it’s time to pick a section of your garden to brighten with the beauty of wild flowers

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  1. Snowdrop Bulbs - Common Quick View

    Snowdrop Bulbs - Common

    25 Bulbs or 50 Bulbs
  2. Bluebells English Bulbs Quick View

    Bluebells English Bulbs

    Select 20 or 40 Bulbs
  3. Crocus Botanical Mix Quick View

    Crocus Botanical Mix

    100 or 200 Bulbs
  4. Anemone Rhizomes - Nemerosa Quick View

    Anemone Rhizomes - Nemerosa

    Despatch from 14/09/2020. 15 Rhizomes
  5. Lily of the Valley Bulbs Quick View

    Lily of the Valley Bulbs

    Despatch from 14/09/2020. 20 Bulbs
  6. Naturalising Flower Bulbs - Collection Save 35% Quick View

    Naturalising Flower Bulbs - Collection

    Despatch from 16/09/2020. 195 Bulbs
  7. Trillium Plant - Erectum Quick View

    Trillium Plant - Erectum

    Despatch from 07/09/2020. 1 Bare Root Plant
  8. Erythronium Bare Root - Purple King Quick View

    Erythronium Bare Root - Purple King

    Despatch from 14/09/2020. 1 Bare Root Plant
  9. Winter Aconite Bulbs Quick View

    Winter Aconite Bulbs

    Despatch from 14/09/2020. 20 Bulbs
  10. Woodland Tulip Bulbs Quick View

    Woodland Tulip Bulbs

    Despatch from 07/09/2020. 10 Bulbs


Showing 14 product(s)