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Tulip Bulbs

Tulip bulbs are a must for every spring garden - creating colourful displays in beds, borders, containers and rockeries. These classic beauties are the perfect companions to spring bedding plants and they make superb cut flowers too.

There are plenty of Tulips which you will want to grow such as the long-lasting Darwin, old fashioned Spring Green and even the vibrant fringed Barbados!

Browse our range of Tulip bulbs and plant something different today – we also stock a fine selection of accessories to get the best from your Tulip plants - quality guaranteed!

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  1. Tulip Bulbs - Purple Passion Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Purple Passion

    Despatch from September 2020 25 Bulbs
  2. Tulip Bulbs - Redwood Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Redwood

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
  3. Tulip Bulbs - Rembrandt Mix Save 13% Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Rembrandt Mix

    Available Soon 30 Bulbs
    £12.99 RRP £15.00
  4. Tulip Bulbs - Stresa Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Stresa

    Despatch from September 2020 15 Bulbs
  5. Tulip Bulbs - Tres Chic Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Tres Chic

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
  6. Tulip (Early) Bulbs - Havran Quick View

    Tulip (Early) Bulbs - Havran

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
  7. Tulip (Fringed) Bulbs - Hamilton Quick View

    Tulip (Fringed) Bulbs - Hamilton

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
  8. Tulip Bulbs - World Friendship Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - World Friendship

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
  9. Tulip (Double) Bulbs - Orange Princess Quick View

    Tulip (Double) Bulbs - Orange Princess

    Despatch from September 2020 Pack of 10 Bulbs
  10. Tulip Bulbs - Spring Green Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Spring Green

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
  11. Woodland Tulip Bulbs Quick View

    Woodland Tulip Bulbs

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs


Showing 39 product(s)
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tulip bulbs

Further information: Tulip Bulbs.

Where to grow Tulip Bulbs?

  • Tulip bulbs thrive best in full sun
  • Well-drained soil
  • Add lime to acid soil
  • Protect from strong winds
  • Grow Tulip bulbs in beds, on rockeries or in containers

How to grow Tulip Bulbs?

  • Plant Tulip bulbs in later autumn, from November to December
  • The planting depth varies depending on the size of the bulb
  • Space the bulbs 10-20cm apart
  • Feed when buds appear and again when flowering has finished
  • Water regularly in dry periods
  • Tulips are perfect for cutting
  • Remove dead flowers and foliage
  • Tulip bulbs can be left in the ground or lifted and kept in a cool dry place

Did You Know?

Tulips are the the embodiment of a British spring garden, but did you know that they have their humble origins in the mountains of Kazakhstan? And did you know that in the early 17th century, when 'tulip mania' hit Holland, prices of the recently introduced Tulip bulbs soared, some single Tulip bulbs selling for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman!

Today there are literally thousands of varieties available, in a stunning array of colours and forms. we have pulled together our most favourite varieties to help you plant ony the best Tulips for your garden.