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Iris Bulbs

Irises are a vast genus of plants, ranging from the diminutive rockery varieties, to imposing border specimens. Some are grown from bulbs, others from thickened underground stems known as rhizomes. Nearly all, however, share the same beautiful and easily recognisable flower form – 3 erect inner ‘standard’ petals and 3 hanging outer ‘fall’ petals.

Hints and Tips

A bed of irises bulbs can look stunning but can often clump together and look overcrowded. It is relatively easy to spread your irises out by lifting the entire clump with a garden fork in late summer. You can then separate the new sections from the original with a knife then replant.

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  1. Iris Germanica Bulbs - Rosalie Figge Quick View

    Iris Germanica Bulbs - Rosalie Figge

    Despatch from 09/10/2020. 3 Bare Roots
  2. Iris Plants - Apricot Silk Quick View

    Iris Plants - Apricot Silk

    Available Soon 3 Bare Root Plants
  3. Iris Bulbs - Hollandica Mix Quick View

    Iris Bulbs - Hollandica Mix

    Despatch from February 2021 20 Bulbs
  4. Iris histroides Bulbs - George Quick View

    Iris histroides Bulbs - George

    Despatch from September 2020 25 Bulbs


Showing 13 product(s)