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Flower Bulbs

Suttons quality flower bulbs are easy to plant and grow, we offer a large variety of bulbs which are ideal for growing in flowerbeds, borders, containers or naturalised spaces. Our bulb selection includes everything from classic favourites, such as tulip bulbs, daffodils bulbs and crocus bulbs, to the weird and wonderful.

Now’s the time to start planning those showstopping flower displays for your garden or outside space (and cut flowers for your vases too!)

For the best results when planting bulbs, ensure you add compost on top of your bulb before you add the soil on top, then water well.

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  1. Alliums


    Right on trend and a focal point in any garden, our allium bulbs are a must.

  2. Amaryllis


    Add a touch of colour to your home in time for Christmas, with our beautiful amaryllis.

  3. Anemone


    Create a carpet of colour with our beautiful anemones. Ideal for borders, containers and cutting.

  4. Begonia Tubers

    Begonia Tubers

    Our begonia tubers make it easy to enjoy these colourful favourites.

  5. Crocus Bulbs

    Crocus Bulbs

    Nothing says spring like a carpet of crocuses…and our crocus bulbs are real bee magnets.

  6. Daffodils


    Daffodils are one of the best things about spring, & we have daffodil bulbs for every use

  7. Dahlia Tubers

    Dahlia Tubers

    Dahlias are more popular than ever, and they add instant impact to any outside space.

  8. Fritillaria Bulbs

    Fritillaria Bulbs

    An unusual spring flowering bulb, the fritillaria is available in a range of colours

  9. Gladioli Corms

    Gladioli Corms

    Grow a spectacular summer garden with the colour of the gladioli.

  10. Hyacinth


    A colourful display of fragrant hyacinths, perfect for your spring borders or containers.

  11. Iris Bulbs

    Iris Bulbs

    Choose early and late blooming irises for a beautiful display from February into summer.

  12. Lily Bulbs

    Lily Bulbs

    Lily bulbs are some of the most exciting to grow, producing large showy blooms.

  13. Ranunculus


    A captivating classic. Ranunculus are perfect for borders and beautiful as cut flowers.

  14. Tulip Bulbs

    Tulip Bulbs

    Our beautiful tulip bulbs mean you can enjoy your favourite shades all season.

  15. Tulip Colour Mixes

    Tulip Colour Mixes

    Our tulip bulb colour collections combine early, mid and late flowering varieties


Brighten up your garden with our flower bulb mixes

We’ve taken the guesswork out of creating your perfect garden. Our bulb mixes and collections combine the varieties and colours that work best together to bloom into beautiful displays. You’re your favourite shades and enjoy a mix of early, mid and late flowering varieties – all in one pack. You’ll also find pre-planted bulbs for fuss-free growing, indoor bulbs and our special Bulb Offers. And, if you’re not sure where to start, check out our flower bulbs by season.

Flower Bulbs by Season

Flower Bulbs by Season

Enjoy your favourite blooms throughout the year, with our flower bulbs by season.

Wildflower Bulbs

Wildflower Bulbs

Forget tidy borders and colour plans, create the natural look with wild flower bulbs.

Pre-planted Bulbs

Pre-planted Bulbs

We’ve made growing your own even easier, with our pre-planted bulbs.

Bulb Mixes & Collections

Bulb Mixes & Collections

Our bulb mixes make it easy to create a dazzling display of your favourite flowers.

Indoor Bulbs

Indoor Bulbs

Enjoy the beauty of flowers inside as well as outside, with our range of indoor bulbs.

Bulb Offers

Bulb Offers

Enjoy beautiful displays of colour in your garden for less, with our bulb offers.