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Crocus Bulbs

You know spring’s on the way when you start to see the colourful petals of crocuses appear, and our crocus bulbs make it easy to create your very own colourful display. Bright and vibrant against the backdrop of late winter, crocuses are invaluable in lawns too. Their foliage often dies back before we have to mow the lawn for the first time, so they’re a gardener’s dream come true!

Our selection of crocus bulbs has been carefully chosen by our Suttons experts, and it includes a colour, and a variety to suit every kind of outside space. Choose the fiery hues of the Orange Monarch, the pale whites of the Jeanne d’Arc, or go for the large-flowered mix and enjoy three different colours. Our Dutch, large-flowered crocus bulbs create bigger-than-average flowers that’ll add real impact when they show their faces in spring.

Your crocus bulbs will grow to be a real magnet for bees and a beautiful addition to your spring garden, so they’re always a favourite. Browse our range of crocus bulbs and plant something different today – we also stock a fine selection of accessories to get the best from your crocus plants - quality guaranteed!

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  1. Saffron Crocus Bulbs Quick View

    Saffron Crocus Bulbs

    Choose from 30 or 60 Bulbs
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  2. Colchicum Bulbs - Collection Save 51% Quick View

    Colchicum Bulbs - Collection

    8 bulbs (2 of each variety)
    £24.00 RRP £49.96
  3. Saffron Crocus Bulbs - White Quick View

    Saffron Crocus Bulbs - White

    Choose from 5 or 10 Bulbs
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Showing 15 product(s)
crocus bulbs

Further information: Crocus.

Where to grow Crocus?

  • Plant Crocus bulbs en masse at the front of a border
  • Allow to naturalise in lawns or beneath deciduous trees
  • Crocus bulbs look good in containers
  • Excellent for rock gardens
  • Crocus bulbs prefer an open sunny spot although they will tolerate light shade
  • Well drained soil

How do I grow Crocus?

  • Plant new Crocus bulbs about 5cm deep and 5-10cm apart
  • Plant spring flowering varieities in Autumn
  • Plant autumn flowering varieities in July and August
  • Only water when the soil becomes dry
  • Once flowering has ended allow the leaves to yellow and die back naturally