Aubergine Seeds

Originating in south east Asia aubergines were once regarded as being unusual but aubergine seeds are surprisingly easy to grow. As a semi-tropical plant aubergine seeds really need to be started and grown under glass although they will do well outside in a warm sunny garden.

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Further information: Aubergine Seeds

When sown under glass aubergine seeds are as easy to grow as their relative the tomato.

When to sow aubergine seeds?

  • Start your seedlings off in February or March

How to sow aubergine seeds?

  • Simply sow 2 aubergine seeds in each small pot using good quality multi-purpose compost.
  • Keep under glass at 60-70°
  • Once germination has taken place, in 14-21 days, carefully remove the weaker seedling
  • When the seedlings are 12.5 to 15cm high transplant them to larger pots or plant 3 to a growing bag.
  • When the stem is about 30cm high carefully pinch out the growing tip

Aubergine Seeds once grown into fruit contain both vitamins E and K and are rich in potassium. Aubergines are easily prepared for cooking and are a key ingredient of popular dishes such as ratatouille and moussaka.

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