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Chilli Plants and Peppers

There are two types of pepper plant – the sweet pepper and the chilli pepper. Both can easily be grown as neat bushy plants in a patio container with chilli plants being especially attractive – almost Christmassy! When grown in a greenhouse both sweet and chilli pepper plants will grow happily amongst your tomatoes.

Useful in the kitchen and a world away from imported shop-bought versions your sweet peppers will delight you with their sweet, fresh taste.

Chillies are a really rewarding crop and can liven up the most mundane of dishes.

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  1. Pepper Sweet Grafted Plants - Collection Quick View

    Pepper Sweet Grafted Plants - Collection

    Despatch from 23/04/2018. 3 Super Plugs (1 of each variety)
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    Pepper Grafted Plant - F1 Milena

    Despatch from 21/05/2018. 1 Potted Plant
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'F1 Chelsea' Pepper Grafted Plants - MH1886

Further information: Pepper Plants

Where to grow? – The best results will always be achieved when grown under glass as pepper plants need a long sunny season to mature. However, in a hot summer there is no reason why they can’t be grown outside in full sun. Chilli plants tend to be smaller and so will happily fruit even on a sunny windowsill.

How to grow? – Sweet pepper plants can be planted direct into soil or into pots or growing bags and may need some support from a cane as the fruits begin to swell. Chilli plants should be able to look after themselves without the need for support.

During hot weather water regularly and once the flowers start to form feed with tomato food.

When to harvest? – Pick when the fruits are ripe and the skin nice and smooth. Peppers vary in colour but many move from green to red as they ripen. Picking a few early fruits in early to mid-summer will encourage others to form.

How to eat? – Chillies add heat and colour so do take care. Best to try just a little and gradually add rather than to find the heat unbearable. Try them in soups and stews as well as the obvious chilli-con-carne.

Sweet peppers can be stuffed, braised, roasted, scattered over pizzas, turned into soup or just eaten raw in a salad.

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