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Stacks Of Flavour

Stacks Of Flavour is all about making fresh, flavoursome, home-grown fruit and vegetables accessible to everyone, no matter what their gardening experience or how tiny a space they have to grow in. And when we talked through the idea with James Wong, he was as excited as us!

  • They're portable, so you can take your veg garden with you when you move
  • They're stackable so you can, over time, build a super-productive garden
  • They're excellent quality, so will give you years of faithful service
  • They can be personalised on one side with a message of your choice

All of our crates are excellent quality!

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With many people renting, or owning properties with only a balcony or patio to garden in, the Stacks of Flavour personalised crate range is the ideal choice. Our beautiful rustic personalised crates are a great way to create your very own mini veg garden outside your back door.

Getting Started

  • Pop the liner into the crate making sure you push it down into the corners, leaving any excess overhanging the sides
  • Fill the crate to about 1cm from the top using moist general purpose compost and lightly firm the surface
  • Trim the excess liner so that it is level with the crate lip

Your crate has already been treated with a weather-resistant stain that should last for about 3 years. After this time, to keep your crate in tip-top condition, please re-treat as required. Your crate will last longer if stored under cover during the worst of the winter weather.