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Water Butts and Watering Equipment

With water prices increasing it may be time to store your own rain water or add an extra water butt or two.

Suttons Seeds have a wide range of water butts and watering equipment to ensure your plants are well-watered and healthy.

For patio gardens we recommend the Aquapod and an adjustable drip feeder for soil gardens. Herb gardens can benefit from the Spyder self-watering system as well.

Check out our full range of large and small water butts and watering equipment below – guaranteed to keep your plants hydrated and healthy all year long.

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  1. Haws Long Reach Watering Can Quick View

    Haws Long Reach Watering Can

    Watering Can - Green or Red
    From£16.99 RRP £12.99
  2. Seedling Watering Can Quick View

    Seedling Watering Can

    Watering Can - Available in 3 Colours
  3. Claber Drip Kits Quick View

    Claber Drip Kits

    Available - Small or Large Kit
  4. Hose Reel Set Quick View

    Hose Reel Set

    15m (49') or 30m (98') Set
  5. Complete Irrigation Kit Quick View

    Complete Irrigation Kit

    Delivery within 7 days Irrigation Kit
  6. Haws Slimcan Quick View

    Haws Slimcan

    From£49.99 RRP £34.99
  7. Rotoroll Manual Hose Reel - 20m Quick View

    Rotoroll Manual Hose Reel - 20m

    Delivery within 7 days Hose Reel - 20m
  8. 30m Hose Cart Quick View

    30m Hose Cart

    Delivery within 7 days 30m Hose Cart
  9. Anywhere Tap Quick View

    Anywhere Tap

    Delivery within 7 days Tap
Showing 62 product(s)
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Water Butts

Water Butts and Watering Equipment

Without water plants will die and our gardens will look pretty bleak so every garden needs some sort of water device. Rain is clearly the natural source of water but it's a brave gardener who leaves it to chance that the rain will fall at the right time and in the right amount.

The objective of watering is to recharge the moisture level in the soil so that it will last until the next rainfall or watering. The amount of watering required will depend on your soil type and on the plants you have chosen to grow.

Generally it is better to water thoroughly allowing the water to penetrate the soil quite deeply rather than just watering little and often. Just watering a little will often mean that it evaporates before the water has chance to do any good.

A water butt collects and stores rainwater for when it is needed. Rain water is good for acid loving plants and of course is free (once you've paid for the butt) so is perfect for households on a water meter.

At least one watering can is a must and you'll probably need at least 2 – a smaller one for indoors and a larger one for outside. If you plan on using any liquid weedkillers then it's best to keep a separate can especially for this purpose and make sure it is clearly marked. And if and when your watering can springs a leak just turn it into yet another quirky planter!