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Plant Protection

Protect your delicate seedlings and young plants with cloches and plant protection equipment and tools from Suttons Seeds.

We stock over 60 types of plant protection equipment which is suitable for all seasons. Plus, our cold frames and plant houses look superb, will last for years, are high quality and are quick to assemble. Full instructions are provided.

For vegetables, we are proud to provide our customers with cabbage collars, fleece, cages, enviromesh plus netting, micromesh and Polythene tunnels. For plants and shrubs, the frost cloche, thermoplus pot cover, maxi fleece and ventilated solar bells are ideal too. Low growing fruit plants (i.e. strawberries) can also benefit from mulch mats which protects the plant against splashes, slugs and weeds.

Browse the full range of cloches and plant protection solutions below.

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  1. Easy Fleece Tunnel - Standard Quick View

    Easy Fleece Tunnel - Standard

    Delivery within 7 days 3m Easy Fleece Tunnel x 1
  2. Butterfly Netting Quick View

    Butterfly Netting

    Butterfly Netting - 3 Sizes Available
  3. PN2 Superior Bird Net Quick View

    PN2 Superior Bird Net

    Bird Net - 4 Sizes Available
  4. Timber Cold Frame Quick View

    Timber Cold Frame

    Delivery within 21 days 1 x Timber Cold Frame
  5. Ultra-Fine Insect Netting Quick View

    Ultra-Fine Insect Netting

    Insect Netting - 3 Sizes Available
  6. Popadome Quick View


    Frame & individually Fleece Cover, Poly Cover, Net Cover
  7. Easy Fleece Tunnel - Giant Quick View

    Easy Fleece Tunnel - Giant

    Delivery within 7 days 3m Giant Fleece Tunnel
  8. Enviromesh Quick View


    From£19.99 RRP £17.99
  9. Half Growhouse Quick View

    Half Growhouse

    Delivery within 14 days Half Growhouse
  10. Hardwood Mini Greenhouse Quick View

    Hardwood Mini Greenhouse

    Delivery within 21 days Mini Greenhouse
  11. Easy Polythene Film Tunnel - Giant Quick View

    Easy Polythene Film Tunnel - Giant

    Delivery within 7 days 3m Giant Polythene Film Tunnel
  12. Steel Round Fruit Cage Quick View

    Steel Round Fruit Cage

    Round Fruit Cage
  13. Easy Polythene Film Tunnel - Standard Quick View

    Easy Polythene Film Tunnel - Standard

    Delivery within 7 days 3m Polythene Film Tunnel x 2 - SAVE £5.00!
  14. Economy Fruit Cage Save 0% Quick View

    Economy Fruit Cage

    Fruit Cage with Zip Net or Door
    From£199.00 RRP £199.99
  15. Polythene Coldframe Quick View

    Polythene Coldframe

    Delivery within 7 days Polythene Coldframe
Showing 67 product(s)
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Protecting Your Plants

Protecting Your Plants

Providing protection for seedlings and young or tender plants means that they can be sown or planted earlier than normal and also saved during those unexpected spells of bad weather that can happen at any time of year. It also means we can give some extra help to hardy plants that need to spend the winter outside and that we might actually get to eat some of our crops rather than leaving them exposed for birds and insects to feast on!

One of the most popular form of protection is the cloche. A cloche can be a small dome, a long tunnel or any other form of miniature greenhouse. It is important to match your cloche to the crop that you intend to grow. So make sure that the height of the cloche is above the maximum height of the plant and that the leaves won't get damaged by touching the sides.

Place your cloche in position a couple of weeks before sowing and planting and this will both dry and warm the soil in preparation.

Cloches come in different materials including glass, plastic, fleece and netting.

  • Glass – gives clarity, maximum heat retention, longevity and wind resistance
  • Plastic – lightweight which makes it easy to move around the plot, safe and economical
  • Net – protects against birds and some insects and also provides some shade in summer
  • Fleece – provides warmth and allows rain and air through whilst stopping small bugs and insects

Mounding up earth and using mulch is another form of protection against cold, as is wrapping pots in bubble wrap and making plants snug beneath fleece for the winter.

When it comes to fruit few of us mind sharing a portion of the crop with the garden birds but they can be greedy and eat the whole lot! A fruit cage is the ideal answer or any form of netting but please do check it frequently to make sure that no intrepid bird has tried so hard to break in that they have become entangled.