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Solar Lighting

Why pay more towards your electricity bill when the sun can charge-up your garden lights for free!

Suttons Seeds’ garden solar lighting is available to suit the theme and style of your garden, as well as your budget.

Our delightful range of practical and decorative outdoor solar lighting has been chosen to meet your needs and guarantees your garden looks fantastic even when the sun goes down.


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  1. Solar Gutter Lights Save 20% Quick View

    Solar Gutter Lights

    Pack of Two - White or Black
    From£19.99 RRP £24.99
  2. Solar Laser Light Quick View

    Solar Laser Light

    Despatch from March 2017 Laser Light
  3. Solar Post Lights Quick View

    Solar Post Lights

    Delivery within 7 days Pack of two
  4. Solar Spotlight Save 25% Quick View

    Solar Spotlight

    Delivery within 7 days Spotlight
  5. Tree Trunk Birdbath Save 16% Quick View

    Tree Trunk Birdbath

    Delivery within 7 days Birdbath
    £99.99 RRP £119.99
  6. Trellis Planter with Solar Lanterns - Verdigris Quick View

    Trellis Planter with Solar Lanterns - Verdigris

    Delivery within 14 days Verdigris Planter & Lanterns
  7. Metal Silhouette Animals - Hens Save 33% Quick View

    Metal Silhouette Animals - Hens

    Despatch from 27/02/2017. Set of two
    £19.99 RRP £29.99
Showing 11 product(s)