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Apple Redlove Era

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The world's first delicious red-fleshed apple

A new eating experience! The world's first fine-tasting and scab-resistant red-fleshed apple, Redlove®
Uniquely coloured - Rosy-red flesh with a beautiful pattern running through it.
Deliciously tasty - Crisp and juicy with a hint of berries.
Even better for you - Higher in antioxidants than other apples.
Disease resistant - Exceptionally high resistance to scab.
Attractive in the garden - Unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom.
Versatile in the kitchen - Delicious eaten raw but also ideal for cooking.
It started twenty years ago with one man's dream and now Markus Kobelt has turned it into a reality. Taking sweet and firm, disease resistant apple 'parents', with years of meticulous cross pollination and selection, he has created this uniqe and exquisite tasting red-fleshed variety that will thrive in the UK climate!
Redlove® boasts long-lasting and unusual deep pink blossom, and unique fruit that is dark red, both outside and inside, revealing a beautiful pattern when you slice through it. The juicy, fragrant flesh has a texture that can be likened to a Cox, but with an extra range of subtle cherry fruit flavours. A delicious eater, it is also ideal for cooking (it retains its red colour). Try it in fruit salads (it doesn't turn brown), pies, puddings and tarts. Or simply enjoy a glass of mouth-watering freshly squeezed juice!
Eat apples straight from the tree or store until the end of October. Supplied as a top quality bare root tree.
Redlove® is a protected trademark belonging to Lubera AG, Switzerland. The Redlove variety that we offer is protected and buyers of the trees are allowed to grow the trees for their private use. Buyers are not allowed to use the trees for commercial purposes (ie to grow for the fruit market or to multiply these trees or to sell fruit of the Redlove varieties under the Redlove trademark nor under another name).
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Better for cooking IMO remarkable flavour liek nothing ive ever tasted, big big red apples on a very young tree, good cropper for its age bless it . Im won over
01 November 2013
Reviewed by: Pagan
Town: Lincoln
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