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Experience the magic of growing flowers from seed - not only does it open up a whole world of breathtaking varieties to choose from, it also gives you loads of great value plants and the feeling of satisfaction that you get from raising them yourself is something else!

Our comprehensive flower seed range is carefully selected to provide you with flowers to suit every situation.

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  1. Wallflower Seeds - Canary Quick View

    Wallflower Seeds - Canary

    Delivery within 7 days Average Packet Content 25 seeds
  2. Aster Seeds - Big Boy Mix Quick View

    Aster Seeds - Big Boy Mix

    Average Packet Content 150 seeds
  3. Cleome Seeds - Pink Shades Quick View

    Cleome Seeds - Pink Shades

    Average Packet Content 90 seeds
  4. Cosmos Seeds - Sea Shells Quick View

    Cosmos Seeds - Sea Shells

    Average Packet Content 35 seeds
  5. Diascia Seeds - Pink Queen Quick View

    Diascia Seeds - Pink Queen

    Average Packet Content 30 seeds
Showing 455 product(s)
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