Sweet Pea Plants

Sweet Pea plants first came to Britain from Sicily in 1699 but the tall varieties that we love today did not appear until Victorian times. There are two basic groups of Sweet Pea plants, the tall climbers and the dwarf varieties used in bedding, hanging baskets and containers.

All Sweet Pea plants have colourful dainty blooms but some are grown more for their looks than their scent. So, if you want perfume as well as good looks do check!.

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sweet pea plants

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Where to grow Sweet Pea Plants?

  • Grow in full sun

How to grow Sweet Pea plants?

  • The taller varieties of Sweet Pea plants will require support. Our garden maypole is perfect.
  • Feed monthly with tomato feed
  • Water thoroughly in dry spells
  • Cut the flowers as required and regularly remove dead blooms
  • At the end of the season cut the Sweet Pea plants down and discard leaving the nitrogen-rich roots to rot down and feed the soil