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Gazania Plants

Gazania plants are wonderfully showing with their daisy-like blooms coming in a wide variety of colours. All Gazania plants have a contrasting eye in the centre of the flower which can be really striking.

Real sun-lovers, Gazania plants need a sunny spot with some varieties closing up in dull weather. Surprisingly Gazania plants are frost hardy to -5% so can be left out in mild areas to give an early show of flowers the following spring.

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gazania plants

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Where to grow Gazania plants?

  • Full sun, Gazania plants enjoy a good baking all day long.
  • Well-drained soil with sandy soil giving the best results.
  • Suitable for bedding and for patio containers.

How to grow Gazania plants?

  • Only water when the soil is dry.
  • If growing Gazania plants in pots then stand them under cover during long periods of rain.
  • Deadhead regularly to encourage continued flowering.