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Dahlia Plants

Bright and long lasting the bedding Dahlia plant is a colourful addition to the garden. A wide range is available in terms of height and colour with some having stunning bronze leaves. Dahlia plants are grown as hardy annuals and are perfect for bedding or pots and containers.

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dahlia plants

Further information: Dahlia Plants.

Where to grow Dahlia plants?

  • Choose a sunny spot as Dahlia plants prefer to be in full sun all day.
  • Soil needs to be well drained and fertile but still moisture-retentive.
  • Dahlia plants are suitable for bedding, containers and window boxes.

How to grow Dahlia plants?

  • Water and feed once a week, dependant on weather conditions.
  • Protect from slugs.
  • Deadhead regularly being careful not to remove the buds.