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If you have limited time or facilities for gardening, but still want the satisfaction of "Growing-your-own" Suttons easy to grow flower plants are the answer. Our plants are delivered by First Class Post at exactly the right time for you to grow them on prior to flowering.

Quality you can rely on

Before each flower plant variety is sent to you one of our experts personally inspects them to ensure they are good quality and at the optimum stage to be sent through the post, carefully packed and labelled. Suttons flower plants come in 5 easy to use sizes (see below) and you can view our handy plant size guide for more information.

  • Extra Value Plug Plants (Miniplants)
  • Value Plug Plants (Easiplants)
  • Garden Ready Plug Plants (Medium Plug Plants)
  • Super Plug Plants (Pot Ready Plants)
  • Potted Plants 
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  1. Lily of the Valley Plant Quick View

    Lily of the Valley Plant

    Despatch from 01/05/2017. 1 Potted Plant
  2. Lobelia Plant - Queen Victoria Quick View

    Lobelia Plant - Queen Victoria

    Despatch from April 2017 1 x 9cm Potted Plant
  3. Lofos Plants - Burgundy Falls Quick View

    Lofos Plants - Burgundy Falls

    6 Super Plug Plants
    From£9.99 RRP £8.99
  4. Lofos Plants - Twin Pack Quick View

    Lofos Plants - Twin Pack

    6 Super Plug Plants (3 of each colour)
    From£9.99 RRP £8.99
  5. Lofos Plants - Summer Cream Quick View

    Lofos Plants - Summer Cream

    Despatch from 10/05/2017. 6 Super Plug Plants
  6. Lonicera Plant - Chic and Choc Save 50% Quick View

    Lonicera Plant - Chic and Choc

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 Large 2 Litre Potted Plant
  7. Lotus Plants - Fire Vine Quick View

    Lotus Plants - Fire Vine

    Despatch from 03/05/2017. 6 Super Plugs
  8. Perennial Plants - LUCKY DIP Quick View

    Perennial Plants - LUCKY DIP

    Despatch from March 2017 15 x 9cm Potted Plants
  9. Lupin Plant - Gallery Mix Quick View

    Lupin Plant - Gallery Mix

    Despatch from April 2017 1 x 9cm Potted Plant
  10. Magnolia Plant - Black Tulip Quick View

    Magnolia Plant - Black Tulip

    Delivery within 7 Days 1 Potted Plant
  11. Magnolia Plant - Nigra Quick View

    Magnolia Plant - Nigra

    Delivery within 7 Days 5 Litre Potted Plant
Showing 800 product(s)
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