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Lily Bulbs

Our exotic lily bulbs are easy to grow, look great in the garden, and make superb cut flowers for the home as well. Lilies are perfect for a sunny border or in containers on the patio.

There are plenty of lily bulbs to choose from such as the dramatic Landini, fragrant Dizzy, deep Starfighter and even the double-flowering Magic Star!

Browse our range of lily bulbs and plant something different today – we also stock a fine selection of accessories to get the best from your lily plants - quality guaranteed!

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  1. Lily Bulbs - Pollen-Free Collection Save 78% Quick View

    Lily Bulbs - Pollen-Free Collection

    12 Bulbs (3 of each variety)
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  2. Lily Bulbs - Mr Cas Save 50% Quick View
  3. Lily Bulbs - Beverly's Dreams Quick View

    Lily Bulbs - Beverly's Dreams

    Despatch from February 2018 3 Bulbs
  4. Lily Bulbs - Lankongense Quick View

    Lily Bulbs - Lankongense

    Despatch from February 2018 2 Bulbs
  5. Lily Bulbs - Tree Collection Save 38% Quick View

    Lily Bulbs - Tree Collection

    Despatch from February 2018 9 Bulbs (3 of each variety)
    £12.99 RRP £20.97
Showing 14 product(s)
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Further information: Lily Bulbs.

Where to grow Lily Bulbs?

  • Ideally Lily bulbs should be planted in full sun with a little dappled shade for part of the day
  • Well-drained soil is essential
  • Protect from strong winds
  • Plant where the perfume will be appreciated – near doors, windows or outdoor seating areas

How to grow Lily Bulbs?

  • Plant in the autumn or early spring
  • Plant 10 to 23cm deep and 23 to 38 cm apart
  • Mulch lightly with compost after planting
  • Water regularly during dry spells but take care not to over-water as this may cause the bulbs to rot
  • Remove spent flower stems
  • Leave the yellowing leaves to die down naturally
  • Please note that lilies do not tend to grow to full height in their first year